Why is it so Difficult to Begin?


Why is it so damn hard to begin? What is it about something great, something awesome, something grand! That stops us in our tracks so much and so quickly, even though that we know deep down that it is going to be one of the most epic things we ever taken part in, ever?

Regardless of whether the fact it is going to be a failure or a success, that we are going to enjoy every moment of it. Whether we are going to enjoy all the good times, or learn from the bad ones, we are going to look back and be glad that we gave it a show, why does it make us freeze?

Is it the fear of failure? Could it be the thoughts of others have crept in our minds without us knowing and now we fear judgement? Taunting? The feeling of losing control or perhaps becoming the laughing stock due to a spectacular failure?

Maybe we fear success. Maybe it is the fact that we know we could be great, and therefore don’t want to see what comes next because we may not be able to handle that. Or perhaps that there will be nothing after this spectacular thing we achieve, because after all, if this is the most epic thing we’ve ever done, how could we possibly top that!?

Some of us don’t like moving forward without having a plan. Some of us try to make too many plans or have a few plans that are way too detailed to ever execute in time because we’ve spent all of it planning!

Most of us have a grandest of plans for the things we want to begin, but we end up never accepting the fact that we only like to talk about doing things because it makes us feel good. But then when it comes time to work, we don’t feel good so we never continue and begin talking about the next thing we are going to do!

Here’s the Thing

It’s all of the above! We will always fear failure. Some only through fair and honest self assessment will ever come to fear success, because of how much work it took to get that success that it may just never happen again (or so some will believe). We always fear judgement and the amount of work it might take to get there. And we all love to imagine ourselves in the place we’d like to be most, because it requires almost no effort to imagine!

All of these things play a major role in never being able to begin. But one of the biggest reasons for never starting, is the pause between having the idea and executing said idea. We pause for too long trying to think about how it is going to look. How it is going to feel. How it is going to change our lives. We begin planning all the things we want to happen when we have achieved what we talked about. We are constantly waiting for the right moment, the right time, the right people, the right tools to get started on the things we want most.

Tomorrow is the day. Next week is the week it begins. 2019 is going to be my year. Except when you said that it was still 2018 and even though you only had a month left to go, why did it never occur to you to still make 2018 your year? Why did it have to be the year after? Why does time have to pass to begin?

It doesn’t matter what the answer to that is. It could be one of the concepts and or ideas mentioned above. It could be circumstance. It could be money. It could be any number of things that caused you to take a pause between the idea and now.

So don’t pause. Don’t stop. You get an idea, you execute immediately. You decide you want to blog? Setup a blog, get yourself a topic, list of some ideas about how you want to structure it at a high level and then most important of all begin writing. You want to get in shape? Get yourself a list of the exercises you’d like to do for the kind of body you want to target for yourself, and execute now. On the day you had the idea. Within the hour if you possibly can.

This pause can be the greatest source of panic, freeze, fear that you can ever have, because its the tiny crack that allows doubt and everything else possible to seep in and put a stop to everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself. Even perfection is a version of this.

This blog was setup nearly a month and a half ago and it is only being written now. Because the ideas had for this blog and how it was to be structured became too grand. Now? After an honest assessment of what was necessary to get this thing moving, I realised that I was just afraid. That I was just being lazy. That my mind had began throwing ideas at itself left right and centre in order to confuse the hell out of itself so that nothing would happen where I’d be in a position to be in the unknown.

So here we are. Starting. Not perfect. Not the grand entrance to this blog I was hoping for from the beginning.

But most importantly, we have begun.